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Patricia V.

I ordered this item as a preorder through the Smartypear website. I waited 3 months to get this and we were not disappointed. I have 4 cats, 2 domestic shorthairs and 2 Maine Coons. I also have the Petkit Pura X self cleaning litterbox. I love my Pura X, but the Maine Coons don’t like to use it. So I was still manually scooping litter every day. All 4 cats love and use the Leo’s Loo too. I don’t have to clean the dirty litter drawer as much because it is much bigger and it doesn’t smell. I don’t have to clean up dirty litter underneath Leo’s Loo Too like I do on my other one. I finally do not have to scoop dirty litter. First time in 40 years of owning cats!

-Patricia V.

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