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Tiffany G.

I researched all of the robot litter boxes I could find before deciding on Leo’s Loo Too. I chose it because of the larger waste drawer and the iv sterilization, and the overall design. It came assembled and basically ready to use out of the box. It is very quiet, easy to take apart to clean, and most importantly it is very safe! It immediately stops a cleaning cycle if it senses movement in the box of any kind. The ease draw traps odor well. I have multiple rescue cats and both large (Maine coon) and small cats use it. Not everyone is a fan, but I have multiple litter boxes around the house anyway so it is not a big deal. I would eventually like to replace them all with Leo’s Loo Too. I have friends who own another brand and they have had multiple issues with litter falling out during cleaning and even had a cat chew through a power cord. Leos loo had a very sturdy cord and I have not had any little come close to falling onto the floor while cleaning.

I do recommend testing the box after adding litter because I had added too much and a good bit went into the waste tray when I did a test cycle. Heavier litter works the best and helps to reduce any litter waste. I have 3 cats using this one box and in the few weeks I’ve had it I’ve only had to empty it 3 times and add a small amount of litter back each time.

Overall I highly recommend this box, and it does come with a 90 day trial if you want some time to test it. I hope to purchase a few more as my budget allows.

-Tiffany G.

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