Leo’s Loo Drawstring Waste Litter Drawer Liners

$14.99 available on subscription from $12.99 / month


Count: 25
Dimensions: 23.5″ x 15″

Drawstring Waste Litter Drawer Liners are custom fitted for Leo’s Loo and designed to work with most automatic self-cleaning litter boxes. These liners are made with heavy duty tear resistant plastic and prevent odor-causing waste from sticking to the inside of the waste drawer of the automatic self-cleaning litter box. Simply fit your machine’s waste drawer with a fresh liner, secure the edges and make sure the center is pushed down flat. When it’s time to empty the waste drawer, pull the drawstrings to close the bag then toss away.

Key Benefits

  • Extra thick – 2mil (50 micron)
  • 23.5 x 15”: Custom made size (23.5 x 15) to fit most automatic self-cleaning litter boxes
  • Easy to pull drawstring design making cleaning your cat’s litter easier than ever before
  • Great value – 25 liners in each package
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Use and Care Instructions

Take one liner from the package and fit into the waste drawer of your Leo’s Loo or other automatic self-cleaning box, folding edges of liner over the sides and pushing the center down so as not to set off waste full sensors. For easy clean-up, pull drawstrings on both sides of bag to close. Dispose of liner and contents with your regular garbage.